Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jenny Pritchard RN

I did it!!!!!!

I passed my NCLEX! (the licensing exam to be a Registered Nurse)

HOO boy that was a LONG 2 years!  But totally worth it.  :)

I have some random thoughts swimming around in my head about all of this, but for now I just want to get it out there that


This is what my mirror looked like the days leading up to the exam.  I was lacking confidence in myself and in order to give myself a much needed boost I wrote on my mirror!! Then my sister and my friend both wrote on it :) So sweet. 

Sorry the pic is so dark, I had to darken it so that you could actually see some of the words! It says 

Jennifer Pritchard RN
2 hrs till test I will pass the I know the info
Good luck Ninn! NCLEX You WILL pass!
*The ones highlighted in red are from Kaylyn and Katy :)