Sunday, July 3, 2011

Please pray! and pass on this blog post!

I have a LOT going on right now, but I really want to get the word out about my friend Sheli. She is 29 weeks pregnant and on hospital bed rest, because the day after we finished nursing school, her water broke 12 weeks too early. I really hope we can spread the word about my friend and help her out! I am going to attempt to tell her story (with her permission)!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Sheli in nursing school over a year ago. Sheli is an outgoing, fun girl with a fiery personality that matches her bright red hair! Sheli has two boys from a previous relationship as does her fiancee Tim. They wanted to add to their family, and subsequently became pregnant right around the beginning of the year.

However while at a clinical for nursing school while only around 14 weeks pregnant Sheli began to bleed. We all prayed and hoped she didn't lose the baby! Although bleeding, her little baby was determined to make to make it!! It has been scary on more than one occasion, but her little baby was still growing safe inside her!

Shortly after that scare, Sheli and Tim found out they were going to have a baby boy that they will name Deegan Wayne :)

Sheli started to feel better and better, and was excited to plan for her upcoming graduation from nursing school, and move from Indiana to Florida for Tim to go to school. On Monday June 27th we took our last final exam and we were finished with nursing school!!! The very next day Sheli was at a store with her sister in law and her water broke. She was only 28 weeks pregnant. 12 weeks too early.

Sheli was rushed to the Hospital to be assessed. She was then taken by ambulance from her hometown of Bedford Indiana, to Indianapolis. Two hours away. She is now in the hospital here in Indianapolis, her entire family is still in Bedford. Including her two little boys.

As I said before, Sheli and Tim were planning to move to Florida so that Tim could go to school there. Therefore they already told the apartment complex they were living in that they did not want to re-sign their lease. Shelis mother is packing up the rest of their things, while also caring for her 2 boys.

Sheli received steroid injections to mature little Deegans lungs. She is now on Hospital bed rest until Deegan is born. When he is born he will be in the NICU at the hospital in Indianapolis and she will stay in a Ronald McDonald house, because commuting 4 hours a day round trip is just too much.

If you could please pray for little Deegan to stay healthy, and for Sheli to be able to carry her pregnancy to 34 weeks, that would be much appreciated.

If you want to contact Sheli and Tim you can email them at deeganwayne(AT)gmail(DOT)com (remove what is in parenthesis and replace with @ and .)

If you want to donate money to her you can do so by going here. Any donation of any amount will help as Sheli will be out of work for quite some time.

The money can be used for gas money to bring Shelis boys up to see her! Their older son has Aspergers and he is not used to his Mom and Dad being away from him for so long. It would be great if we could get him up to see them!

Baby Deegan has had a rough go of it already, he is destined to make an impact on this earth! Please repost, retweet, make it your facebook status, I would love for to help Sheli and Tim as best I can!!! Thanks :)