Sunday, May 15, 2011


Today the prompt for dblog week is to add some diabetes-type pictures!!

Purse full of diabetes things? YES PLEASE!

Trip to the pharmacy!

Oldest box of lancets ever!! DO you see that date? 2006!!

and I JUST finished it!!! I never change my lancet! oops...

ohhh not diabetes related... unless you count the fact that my beautiful niece is related to me and I have diabetes!!! yep that counts. I just couldn't resist! She is too precious!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Most Awesome Thing

Todays prompt was to write about the most awesome thing you have done because of diabetes.

Why is this so hard for me to think of. I guess I'm having trouble thinking of the most awesome thing I've done BECAUSE of it. I have done a lot of things even though I have diabetes, but I'm not sure exactly if I've done anything AMAZING because of diabetes.

Well I guess becoming a nurse. I am not sure I would almost be a nurse if I didn't have diabetes. Well I know I wouldn't be as compassionate and as caring!!

I'm glad I rambled my way through this post... lol

10 things i hate about diabetes

Yesterdays post was to write 10 things you hate about diabetes.. but since blogger was down when I went to write my post I just went to bed instead... lol So here are my 10 things I hate about diabetes!

1. I hate the terrible state my abdomen is in. As much as I love my pump and CGMS and would never ever give either of them up, they are causing some terrible scars.. and yes I do rotate but I'm on 5'1".. there just isn't THAT much room.

2. I hate waking up wrapped in pump tubing. My tubing isn't very long but sometimes it comes unhooked from my pants and it wraps around my body.

3. I hate not having a place to put my pump in certain dresses. Dresses with pockets are AMAZING.

4. I hate the relationship I have with food. Lets just say.. Its not normal.

5. I hate the way people look at me when they find out I have diabetes. You know the look right?

6. I hate the fact that I am always thinking about something diabetes related. I freaking dream about diabetes people.

7. I hate waking up low and eating candy at 3 am and being way too tired to get up and re-brush my teeth.

8.I hate getting low right after working out. I feel like it defeats the purpose.

9. I hate the terrible cotton mouth, headache, walking through jello felling that accompanies a high blood glucose.. especially if it happens in the morning.

10. I hate the unknown. I hate not knowing what my future with diabetes looks like. Will I live to see a cure? How long will I live?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Todays prompt is to write about times when you have diabetes bloopers..

If my life were to ever become a sitcom it would be called diabetes bloopers. lol

I am continually amazed at how I can hit the wall with my pump but not one part of my body... I do it about every day.

I am going to repost this blog from a few years ago its pretty hilarious...

hicks-crawfish-forgotten pumps OH MY!
Its Indy 500 weekend. The best weekend in Indiana. By far.

There is an obscene amount of alcohol consumed by everyone.

The shorts are short, and probably should be considered undies.

The shirts are completely non-existent on most men and some women.

Its amazing. I love this state. Then of course there is the race!

If you live in Indiana I assume they expect that everyone goes to the race so we just listen to it on the radio. I love it that way. Its tradition! We can watch the race after it is over. haha.

Last night I went to a crawfish boil. (ate NO crawfish. ew) My Mom's friend is talking about this mosquito thingy that you can hook to your pants and she gestures to her pants where it would be clipped.

Suddenly I got an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. I didn't remember clipping anything to my pants after my shower.

Like you know, my INSULIN PUMP.

I didn't look. I took my shower about 2 hours ago at this point. I stepped back and reached down to feel my pants.

Nope. No pump. Tears welled up in my eyes. I was sure my blood sugar was through the roof.

I didn't want to go home and get my pump! I wanted to stay at the party. I remembered my sister (who I live with) was going to stop by the party! So I called her.

I asked her when she was going to be coming, she said probably soon why? I told her the story, I think she could her the fear/sadness in my voice. That amazing little sister that I have said, oh! Ok, Jenny, I'll get some makeup on and be there soon, I'll be there before you die. haha.

Seriously I love this girl. She walked up to the party with my pump clipped to her purse looking like a pseudo diabetic. It was cute!

When I re-connected I felt such a huge relief! I cannot believe how empty I felt without that thing! Well when I realized it. haha.

The blood sugar was 294. I took an injection while I waited for my pump and then bolused when it got there. And continued to have fun!

I'm going to put my bathing suit on and play volleyball with the family! Then listen to the race!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Teenaged Me

This is the writing prompt for today:

Letter writing day - Tuesday 5/10: In February the Wego Blog Carnival asked participants to write letters to their condition. You can write a letter to diabetes if you’d like, but we can also take it one step further. How about writing a letter to a fictional (or not so fictional) endocrinologist telling the doctor what you love (or not) about them. How about a letter to a pretend (or again, not so pretend) meter or pump company telling them of the device of your dreams? Maybe you’d like to write a letter to your child with diabetes. Or a letter from your adult self to the d-child you were. Whomever you choose as a recipient, today is the day to tell them what you are feeling.

In one week from today on May 17th I will celebrate having diabetes for 10 years. This anniversary has weighed heavy on me for awhile. I cannot believe that it has been that long. I think of little 14 year old me and what I would endure over the next 10 years. Without further ado:

Dear Jenny:

Hi its me. You? Me? You (we?) got some tough news today. Diabetes. No I promise you are not going to die, at least not right this second. Diabetes is not terminal even though you were very scared with the word DIE in it. The next few days are going to be hard, you will learn a lot (and likely forget most of it) but those days will not be the hardest.

Over the next 10 years many things will happen that will not be easy. But let me tell you that you will get through it. You WILL make it. There will be a time when you are laying at dads house (you go to live with Dad in a little over a year) and you contemplate ending it all. You will feel like it is too much. Please don't do it. You are beautiful, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

You will go through a period of rebellion. You will quit taking your insulin and testing your blood sugar and you will physically harm your body. I know nothing that is said will stop you from doing it. Please try to not let it last very long. Your body is beautiful and one day you will regret all of the harm you caused it. At 24, the scars are still here. And you hate them. At this point, thanks to God, the fact that you didn't take insulin for such a long time didn't harm your body. At least not that we can tell yet.

I know not everyone has diabetes, and you feel like you are the only one in the entire world, and you know what? Its NOT fair. I'm sorry it was you, and I have no idea why it was you that got it, but I promise that you will go far. It will be worth it. You will meet and help people with diabetes.

You will fall in love, and you will have your heart equally as broken.
You will question your faith and you will beg God to help you get through the next minute without a cigarette.
You will laugh often, and smile constantly. You will cry when Grandpa dies, but smile because all donations at his funeral will go to helping cure Juvenile Diabetes.
You will pierce your nose, tongue, neck, belly button ears a bunch and get three tattoos. You will eventually take every piercing out.
You will graduate from high school, and next month from nursing school.

Life is hard, and you will have periods that are much harder then other people. But you will be ok. I promise. You are beautiful and smart and everything that happens to you, and every choice that you make does have an impact on your future. Weather it is good or bad, it happens for some reason.

Love 24 year old Jenny.

and P.S. You will discover a straightener soon... and it makes a HUGE difference! Use the straightener... your hair will thank you.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dblog week!

In case you don't know what Dblog week is (which means you are either 1. my family 2. my friends that don't have diabetes or 3. randomly clicked here) click here to read all about it!

Karen started dblog week last year and I didn't participate. I can't remember what was going on in my life.. I think I was planning Katys baby showers while in school. I just couldn't let one more second of time be used! anyway...

I'll be posting all week on one of the different topics that Karen has chosen to write about!

Here is the prompt:Admiring our differences - Monday 5/9: We are all diabetes bloggers, but we come from many different perspectives. Last year, Diabetes Blog Week opened my eyes to all of the different kinds of blogs (and bloggers) out there – Type 1s, Type 2s, LADAs, parents of kids with diabetes, spouses of adults with diabetes and so on. Today let’s talk about how great it is to learn from the perspectives of those unlike us! Have you learned new things from your T2 friends? Are D-Parents your heroes? Do LADA blogs give you insight to another diagnosis story? Do T1s who’ve lived well with diabetes since childhood give you hope? Pick a type of blogger who is different from you and tell us why they inspire you - why you admire them - why it’s great that we are all the same but different!!

I hate to admit this.. but when I started this blog I didn't know what LADA was! I KNOW! I'm so sorry all of you out there with LADA!

In case YOU don't know, LADA stands for Latent Autoimmune Diabetes. It is basically adult onset Type 1. I just didn't even know it existed.

Many of these people get misdiagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and they struggle to find balance because just taking an oral antidiabetic doesn't work if you don't make insulin!

I am in nursing school (almost done!) and we learn about diabetes ALL. THE. TIME. but not ONCE have I heard LADA in text books or anything. I will make it my goal if I ever think someone who has been diagnosed with Type 2 and they could be LADA, to get more testing!