Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Once upon a time not very long ago.. (January 9th to be exact)

I had a mysterious night.

I ate pizza while watching a terrible Colts game with my mom. I only ate one and a half of those small pieces.

I took a large enough bolus for said pizza.

This is where it starts to get mysterious.

The Colts lost STUPIDLY in the last few seconds of the game and I tested my blood sugar so I could go to bed. This is what I saw.

Hmmm.... I took a large bolus and decided to try to stay up a little while longer and drink a bunch of water. about 40 minutes later I tested again.

I thought it was odd... But I went to bed anyway. It had only been 40 minutes and all of the insulin had probably not been absorbed enough to bring me down and I knew that I would wake up in a few hours to do one of two things. 1: go to the bathroom because my blood glucose wasn't coming down. or 2:wake up sweaty and shaky with a low BG.

Sure enough at 2:37 I woke up at this.

However at this point in my SLEEP INDUCED STUPIDITY I just tried to take more insulin. TRIED.

Up again to go to the bathroom and chug some water at 6:11. BG is a few hundred points lower.

I guess being in the 300's is when my mind becomes clear. Or maybe its 6:00am. Either way this is when I remembered being at my sisters house earlier in the night at around 7:00pm and she said I smelled like insulin. She told me TWICE that I really smelled like insulin and I'm pretty sure I just said. "hmm. weird"

Obviously my pump was somehow leaking insulin. I have NO idea how, or where, but it obviously was. So I did a quick site change and climbed back in bed. I woke up at 10:00 and my bg was this...

Oh boy... Morale of the story: If someone says you smell like insulin... LISTEN TO THEM AND CHECK YOUR SITE!! Or make sure you are not carrying around a vial of leaky insulin or something equally as random as that!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Do you know how hard it us to open 4 of these...

When your blood glucose is this?

It can be difficult.