Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Opposite of a no hitter

Ugh. Wish this never ending blood sugar battle would end!

I know it is a few things, I'm suffering from an allergic reaction to something, and I'm in work training from 8-4 everyday, I'm not used to sitting all day long!!!

I hope once the allergic reaction is over I will have more normal blood sugars again!


Faith said...

:( Feel better!

Michael Hoskins said...

Ah, that's no fun! Sorry for that non no-hitter.

Anonymous said...

Hi I randomly stumbled across your page when I was researching skin infections from the pump. I started reading your posts about diabetes and I can not thank you enough for writing out all of your feelings like that! I have been a diabetic for 16 years and it's a struggle every single second of every day. I hope things are going good for you :)
oh and p.s. I am in nursing school right now and its ALL diabetes talk, constantly.

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