Saturday, September 10, 2011



Nope its not my age. (24)

Not the amount of times I have been a bridesmaid (1)

Not the temperature outside (61)

Not the number of times I test my blood glucose daily (6-8)

27 is what my blood glucose was last night. 

It was scary.  Luckily I had a friend over, so he was able to help me.  I suddenly started sweating PROFUSELY, and said, I think I'm low, and proceeded to test my blood glucose.  It was dark in the room, but I kept seeing yellow auras.  I was SCARED.

All I kept thinking was that I needed to stuff as many starbursts in my mouth as humanly possible before I passed out.  HOWEVER, opening starbursts is extremely difficult when I'm low.  My friend came over and helped me open them.  Which was awesome but embarrassing!

He was really nice about it. I apologized like a million times and he kept saying, why are you sorry? I really am glad it happened when I was with someone, because I live alone. That is scary sometimes.

Nothing like getting the full diabetes experience after only 5 dates! lol. 

Oh and of course, my CGM needed to be calibrated so it didn't tell me I was low!

I'm not sure if its blood glucose related, or what but I'm felling kind of groggy today. I hope it passes soon!!!


Michael Hoskins said...

Sorry for the Low and that is happened on a date or came up in that regard, but glad that you had some help opening up the Starburst... I find even the D-specific options like glucose tabs are tough to open when Low. That really needs to be addressed. Anyhow, sorry for the 27 and hope it all balances out soon!

Anonymous said...

My 1st date with my husband, I had to pull over, test my blood sugar (45!), then let him drive us to dinner all while trying to give him directions through brain fog and a mouth full of glucose tabs.
All that to say, lows suck. Lows on dates suck more. But if this guy didn't freak out, then he might be a keeper.