Sunday, May 15, 2011


Today the prompt for dblog week is to add some diabetes-type pictures!!

Purse full of diabetes things? YES PLEASE!

Trip to the pharmacy!

Oldest box of lancets ever!! DO you see that date? 2006!!

and I JUST finished it!!! I never change my lancet! oops...

ohhh not diabetes related... unless you count the fact that my beautiful niece is related to me and I have diabetes!!! yep that counts. I just couldn't resist! She is too precious!!!


Michael Hoskins said...

Awesome photos, Jenny! And loved the ending on a smile!

Pearlsa said...

Nice pictures

Karen G said...

You always have such great pictures on your blog - and today was no exception. My favorites were the 5 year old box of lancets and your cute little niece. :)