Wednesday, February 9, 2011

multiple sugars

This is hanging on the wall in the waiting area of my Endocrinologists office.

Every time I'm there I can't help but laugh at it!!

I imagine all these multiple blood sugars running around and getting very glucose deprived.

I also imagine walking up to the receptionist while eating starbursts and saying "That sign told me I had to tell you when I was feeling like the many little sugars in me were low.. but don't worry... I can handle it. I just didn't want the blood sugars police to come after me for not reporting my low to you."

hehe. For the record I either refer to it as my blood glucose, or my blood sugar. Not my blood sugars... thats why it makes me chuckle!!


Scott said...

I wonder what patients with hypoglycemia unawareness are expected to do?!

MHoskins2179 said...

Awesome post. I too got a laugh from that. Same image came to my mind. I'd be one to cause a problem with it... like, "I'm Low. But hey: what's with these GRAPE glucose tabs you've got???? No way. I'd rather pass out."

heh heh heh... I'm just a rebel-rouser.

maddy said...

haha thats so funny jenny!! omg um yeah i can handle my blood sugar being low its ok i got this lol