Thursday, August 5, 2010

A run in with the police...

The diabetes police.


Today I packed my lunch at 6:00am. I'll be the first to admit it was not the most nutritious lunch.. but come on! It was 6 in the morning! My lunch consisted of anything I could quickly throw into my lunch box.. it was a Ritz crackerfuls, a chewy bar and some baked ruffles potato chips.

So here I am sitting next to my clinical instructor (who is a NURSE) and I feel her staring at me. I am not sure how I knew she was going to say something... I just KNEW she was.

I pulled out the serving of chips and sure enough she says..

"You can't eat that."

A million things ran through my head to say, but I ended up saying "Why not?"

She didn't answer my question. lol.

It was so weird. Most of my friends and classmates ASK me about my diabetes, I don't often run into people who think they know more than I do about my diabetes care.

I was slightly caught off guard.

I am happy with how I responded and I think she sort of understood why.

Gotta love the diabetes police...