Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday!


JuJu is my aunt, and she reads my blog. (HI) And today is her birthday!! Its a big AWESOME birthday! But she doesn't look older than 20. Look! She is the second one from the left, with the brown hair.

You all know that I'm going to be an aunt right?? Yep! Katy is pregnant, and due to have my niece or nephew on July 1st. I'm SOOO excited.

Even more exciting.. she finds out the sex on Monday! :) I am going to the ultrasound with her at 1:40 to find out what it is!!

Katy and I decided that I am going to be her baby's JuJu. I could not be more happy to be called JuJu! (I named my aunt JuJu btw)

I love you JuJu I hope your birthday was great!!!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Woe is insurance.

I have had my fair share of insurance woes. So I am VERY grateful that I have insurance.

But today they REALLY pissed me off. Hard to believe, I know.

We have a really high family deductible, and have not reached it yet, so our prescription costs and doctor visit costs are a LOT of money.

About a week and a half ago I needed to get my insulin so I went to get just one months worth at CVS. It cost $70.00. Which is a lot of money but whatever. Its necessary.

Today I got on the insurance company's website to order my 3 month supply for my test strips and it said that a 3 month supply for 6 boxes of test strips or 540 individual strips is $540.00. UHHH. That is retail price!

I called them to see why there was no adjustment like there was for the insulin. (the insulin costs about $208.00 without insurance, I paid $70.00)

After much running around and screaming "REPRESENTATIVE" into the phone multiple times, I talked to a lady who really did not have much to say.

But the reason that my insulin cost $70.00 and was an adjusted price is because "it is preventative care or treatment of a chronic illness." She was clearly reading something.

My response to her "So the insulin I need in order to survive is treatment of my chronic illness, I get that, but test strips used for testing my blood glucose levels is NOT part of the treatment of my chronic illness? Is this what you are saying to me?" She mumbled a little bit trying to come up with a response to my question, and she failed.

I interrupted and asked "So you, my insurance company, are saying that you want me to not test my blood glucose, but you do want me to take insulin to treat my Type 1 diabetes.?"

I know I was a smart-ass but REALLY?? I don't understand. I also realize that is is not her fault that my insulin gets adjusted but my strips don't. I just don't have $540.00 laying around!! I just wish that HAVING insurance was actually more helpful then when I didn't have insurance and my doctors were giving me freebies to help me.

Also I don't want this to come off as snotty, I am grateful to live in a country that has health care. Its just frustrating. I can't wait till I graduate from nursing school and have money to pay for my diabetes!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I've been trying to get on a CGM (or a GMC as Katy calls it!)for a LONG time. And today while I was unable to answer my phone (or maybe I ignored it because I thought it was a bill collector...) BUT ANYWAY, this was the voicemail that I received!!

Hi Jenny. It's, Diana many Matt*, I received a letter medical necessity for your real, time System from your doctor's so I'm sending it now and it will arrive to your home tomorrow morning. If you have any questions give me a call back (800) 646-4633 extension 123. Thanks. Bye.

*MiniMed. I have google voice so it transcribes the voicemail into a text and email. lol

AHHHH!!!!! Tomorrow? SERIOUSLY! I NEED this CGM. I can't freaking wait! So I want to put the thing on tomorrow when I get home, but is it hard to understand? Or will I be able to look it up on the Internet and figure out how to set it up on my own? Because I don't think I can wait until i have a meeting to get this thing hooked up!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy blogiversary!!!

Today 2 years ago I started blogging!
I think its ironic that 2 years ago my first blog post was about how unseasonably warm it was that day... it was 67 that day!

Right now the temp is 10, but feels like -6 with the windchill! lol. Its a LITTLE bit different!

Monday, January 4, 2010


I wrote the LONG post about my really bad day. I obviously didn't post it. Who knows maybe one day I will. I am still upset over it but not sure if I want to talk about it yet!

Tomorrow I go to the endocronogist. NOT EXCITED. I have no logs written out, I probably have a sky high A1c and I feel like crying just thinking about it.

My insulin to carb ratios seem spot on, but basal rates are way off. Something FUH-REAKY is going on overnight, last night for example, I went to bed at 135mg/dL and woke up at 302mg/dL. That felt good. Let me tell YOU!

I don't think its the dawn phenomenom, because I've never had issues with that, I honestly think its my gasteroparresis. The food is just exiting my stomach slower and slower. Which makes insulin absorbtion really difficult.

I have always been told "we want diabetes to fit in to YOUR life, not you fitting into diabetes' life."

Well I feel like diabetes is not making it very easy for this to happen. I don't know what to do at this point. Its exhausting. I would love to throw in the stupid blood stained towel.

I feel like I'm doing all that I can, but how am I supposed to make my body do what I want it to when its IMPOSSIBLE???

I can't tell my stomach to empty that stupid meal. It just doesn't want to. STUPID STOMACH.

I was googling gasteroparrisis and they said if it got serious, you may have to get a g-tube to gain better control of your diabetes. I actually considered it. Wouldn't it just be eaiser to be tube fed? UHH i know it wouldn't, but it would take some of the guesswork out of STUPID FOOD.

So obviously i'm a little upset over my lazy stomach. I'll keep you all updated tomorrow after my appt.

Wish me and my stupid lazy stomach luck.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

goodbye 2009

I still can't believe an entire decade is over. Although I've lived in 3 different decades, this last one is the only one that I remember in its entirety.

I was a whopping 13 years old when the decade began in 2000. I'm 23 as this one begins, and I'll be 33 (ek!) when this one ends.

Its so weird, and amazing, to me, to look back at who I was at 13, and who I thought I would be at 23.

I did NOT think this is who I would be. I had much different thoughts on what my life would be like at 23.

This decade has been, for lack of a better word, INSANE. I grew as a person in this decade. When it began, I was in 7th grade and had NO idea who I was. I have done things, (some I'm not so proud of), and seen things and became who I finally am happy with.

I love my life right now, although there are obviously things that I want to change, I feel fulfilled. In 10 years I hope that things are different in a few ways, and I know that they will be.

I'm so excited to see what this decade has in store for me!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season!

As a side note, on New Years eve I got to listen to my neice/nephews heartbeat, and got my hair cut for the first time in 2.5 years!! lol. it was about time. (The link above is to my Youtube account where I recorded my the heartbeat, this will be extremely boring to some people, but family wants to hear it!)