Thursday, November 4, 2010


At least for now!!!

I tweeted the other day that my little sister maddy was at the doctor for headaches and they were testing her for diabetes.

All of her lab results came back normal!! We still do not know what is causing these headaches, but its not diabetes!

I was SO scared. She has an incresased risk or getting type 1 diabetes because of me, and I really hope that she doesn't. :(

ALSO Maddy is trying out for Americas got Talent this weekend!! I really hope she makes it and at least goes on the show!! How freaking SWEET would that be???

Maddy is an amazing singer, the kid has been singing since she was a baby! I'm not even kidding. So she is going to chicago this weekend to try out for the show!!! I am so proud of her and I hope she makes it!!

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Michael Hoskins said...


Oh, thank goodness. This is great to hear, after the Tweets and worry earlier. Glad to hear. Hope she does well with the show!