Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Diet Pepsi... my love :)

I was reading Scotts blog today about fountain pops and how sometimes they can put the wrong syrup with the wrong drink, so its not diet!!

This has happened to me a LOT of times in my life. I guess the more you drink fountain pops the more chances of them being wrong!!

But for a person with diabetes, it can be VERY bad if its the wrong drink. I don't bolus for diet Pepsi, but if I drank Pepsi... I'd have to bolus. (yuk i hate Pepsi)

The most recent terrible drink encounter was in June at a Mexican fast food restaurant. I took Katy and Caleb out for a dinner before they went in the hospital to have their baby!!!

Caleb got Vanilla coke, and I got diet coke. Or so I thought... Mine was vanilla-ie tasting.

So I had Katy and Caleb taste it and they both said it was not diet. I went back in and asked them if they could fix it, because I didn't think it was right.

They came out and told me that they fixed it and that I could come get my drink. Except when I tasted it, it was STILL vanilla tasting!! So I tested my drinks sugar.

LOL. I learned that somewhere, if you put a drop of the drink on a test strip and it comes back with a number, its not diet. If it says LO then its diet!! My meter said 240mg/dL. gggrreeeaaatttt. Back in the restaurant I went.

They looked at it again, and this time assured me that it was in fact diet.

Except it STILL wasn't. GRR. I was so frustrated!! They didn't even have another machine to get it from!! After all this, I ended up just asking for my money back because I couldn't' drink anything else! And I didn't want to spend $2.00 on something I didn't get!!

That was the worst experience I have ever had, usually they can get it out of another machine, or they fix it right away, but at this restaurant they couldn't!!

Don't get in between me and my diet drink addiction :)

On a sightly different note... What do you call a fountain drink where you are from?? I call it a coke. But I actually prefer Pepsi, but I refer to everything as Coke. hahah. I can't say soda, or pop, or soda pop!! Nothing sounds right except Coke!!


Anonymous said...

i remember when we were younger we tested weird stuff on your meter, and we put a piece of rice in one of your syringes hahaha wow. and seriously don't mess with Jennys diet!

ninnifur said...

@katherine HAHAHAH too funny! We would test juice, and remember that one time we tested insulin?? It said LO.. Duh! Hahah that piece of rice was hilarious! The whole top shot off the syringe and we couldn't find it...then we found it stuck in the roof of mu car!! Good times. Ahhahha

Scully said...

Any carbonated soda pop beverage in our neck of the woods is usually just called........ POP! yep. its all pop! it makes me laugh. Canadians eh?

ninnifur said...

@Scully lol!!! Pop cracks me up!! But not as much as SODAPOP!!!