Monday, December 14, 2009

It crept up on me!

Did the Christmas season creep up on you this year? It crept up on me!

But what crept up on me even FASTER was my birthday. Oh yea... Tomorrow is my birthday.

The big 2-3. Schweeeet.

I actually love birthdays. Especially my birthday. I'm not sure why I'm feeling so funky about it. I mean, I know it in part has to do with my loneliness, but I've had a little help from a great friend in the DOC with my Christmas loneliness. :) more on that later.

Maybe its because I have my first round finals on Thursday. :P I'm not sure. I will probably be just fine tomorrow when its my actual birthday.

URG. I do not enjoy funk.

Because I have class from 8-3:30 tomorrow, and will be studying for finals all night tomorrow, I celebrated my birthday with my family this weekend. It was awesome. My family rocks. And even though my birthday is 10 days before Christmas,they always make a huge effort to separate them! I'll share a few pics, and I have a post set to post with more pics tomorrow.