Thursday, October 15, 2009

hi. im still here!

I love blogging. I love tweeting. I love the whole DOC.


School is amazing. I love it. I'm doing great. It is super fast paced because it is an accelerated program. So I have 4 exams every week, 3 on Monday and 1 on Wednesday. That does not include homework and papers and everything else! I would not have it any other way though! I love it.

That just barely leaves enough time for anything else.

I did not end up getting the H1N1 from my sister!! yayayay!!!! I have one dose of my tamiflu tonight then I'm done. I have however picked up a stupid annoying COLD. Grr. I feel icky but not too bad. It is ANNOYING though! Sneeze sneeze cough blow nose. REPEAT ALL DAY LONG.

And I sound ridiculous. I sound like I am wearing nose plugs.

Well I have to go study for my biology exam!!! Much loves to all of you guys!! I'll try to come around more often because I WANT TOO!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Look what I got!!

Yay!! I got Tamiflu!

Nope I don't have the flu. Yes I'm taking Tamiflu.

Why would I be taking Tamiflu then??

Well if you follow me on Twitter you might have seen my few tweets on Monday. More specifically this tweet:

Yep. My little sister Maddy got H1N1. And she was spending the weekend with me.

Nobody EVER wants to get the flu. Especially H1N1. And especially if you have diabetes. We are in the high risk group!!

I have always been very careful not to get sick. I am a very vigilant hand washer and if someone is coughing without covering their mouths I ask them nicely to please cough away from me. So was I more scared when the H1N1came on the scene? No not really. Its just the flu. I obviously did NOT want it, but I was not too scared.

That is until it started spreading like wildfire throughout central Indiana. (and other places too) I also got more freaked out when I found out that I CANNOT miss school or I will be kicked out of the program. I asked what the protocol was for coming to school when sick, because most schools just say not to come at all if you think you have it. But my school? NOPE! Attendance policy is the same! So they want us to come to school if we can. No exceptions. That is mildly scary to me.

Anyway. I am doing EVERYTHING that I can to not get it. I am a little worried because my blood sugars have been running high since yesterday. Not crazy high but that is usually the first sign that I am getting sick. hoo boy.

So thanks to @suzanne_una on Monday telling me to call my doctor and get Tamiflu, because I didn't even know that was an option! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Hopefully I won't get it at all.. that would be amazing. :)

Funny side note:Maddy is not on Tamiflu and she HAS H1N1 and I have NO symptoms but I'm on it!! Such is life as a diabetic!!!