Saturday, August 29, 2009

purse vlog!

I have no idea what to say before this vlog since I pretty much say everything in the vlog!! Thanks to Lee Ann for starting the vlog purse, and Kerri for initiating the challenge! Sorry that I'm kind of shaky and twitchy. hah. I'm just kind of like that! ok. I'll shut up now. Edit #1: (because I'm sure there will be a few.) I couln't upload it from Flickr. It didn't upload the whole thing, so I'm uploading it just to Blogger right now while I figure stuff out. I just don't really like the way the uploading from blogger looks. ok. hopefully this is better.

ok edit #2 I got it on youtube. Hopefully this is the last edit!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


ETA: Her fasting bg was 87!! (should be between 70-99 fasting for non-diabetics) and it was 102 2 hours PP!!!! whooo hoooo!!!

I promise to have the blog about my lake trip up sometime this weekend, but there is something heavy on my mind today and I could use some good vibe-age this weekend.

My baby sister is my life. She is 12 years younger than me (same parents!) and has been my entire life for the past 10 years. I love that kid. Sadly, she is my twin.

I have been worried about her getting Type 1 for years. I do a yearly blood sugar check on her as directed to by our family doctor. Her fasting numbers have been all over the board, I have gotten some 90's and some 120's. I have enrolled her in TrialNet but we have yet to take her to get the blood work. I think we are all scared as to what it would say. I know I am.

She started the 5th grade on Monday. (Where does the time go BTW??) Yesterday my Mom, Dad, Step-Mom, Maddy and I went to a finantial aid meeting for my school. When we were in the elevator about to go our seperate ways we were talking about how Maddy is spending the weekend at my Dads house where I live. My Mom looked at me and said "oh hey, I want you to do a 12 hour fasting blood sugar check on Maddy this weekend." Ouch. My stomach hurt. My Mom went on to say "She has been going to the bathroom a lot. I'm worried"

Double ouch. So tomorrow morning I will be checking her blood sugar. I am so scared. I hope that she does not have diabetes. I wish this was not even a possibility.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random diabetes

I run in to random diabetics all the time. Well a lot.

Randomly at the bagel shop a guys says 'Type 1?' and opens his sport coat to revel the a clear Medtronic pump!

The clerk at the the dollar store who saw my pump and lifted his shirt and reveals a black Medtronic pump, he then told me that his A1c was 11.5. He seemed so sad. I could relate. :/

Theres also the people who see it and ask what it is.

That kind of stuff happens a lot. But I'm not talking about myself today. It also happens to my sister. Well sort of. I've talked about her before on here and how awesomely awesome she is!

She was at the movies with her boyfriend and his little cousin and the little 9 year old boy said to them "I'm only going to have a few pieces of candy like maybe 4 or 5 pieces because I am watching my carbs."

Katy said she looked at him puzzled and asked him why on earth a little boy would need to be watching his carb intake?

He said "I don't want to get diabetes and have to prick my finger 8 to 10 times a day." Katy said "What? What would make you think that you would get diabetes?"

The little guy said "My best friend has diabetes and has to count his carbs and has to prick his finger 8 to 10 times a day and I don't want to have to do that."

My sister quickly gave him the rundown on Type 1 diabetes and how eating too many carbs is not going to give him diabetes! At first he wouldn't listen to her and kept saying "no you don't understand!!" That is until she told him about me!

I love seeing my sister advocate for diabetes, it is truly amazing.

Also that the little boy said carbs instead of sugar and 8 to 10 times a day is just too cute!!

**I am going to the lake today right after my interview with Medtech about getting in to their RN program!! This is the last step to the admitting process! I am praying that I get in, I will tweet after the interview whether or not I'm in. Around 3:30est I will appreciate prayers, good vibes, good juju's whatever you want I'll take it all!!!**