Wednesday, April 29, 2009

D-OC TokBox!!

Oh Tokbox.

On Sunday a bunch of us met up at TokBox and chatted. It again was HILARIOUS! I know this is the worlds worst picture but I had to take the picture RIGHT then. I was not about to miss that EYE!

I cannot remember whose eye that is. Landileighs maybe? From left to right there is me, George who is using his flashlight to check for retinopothy??? John (I think!) sans needle hat, Karen who I could barely hear :( but did talk about some american flag knitted socks, Rachel, Kelly who needs an entire entry dedicated to her HILARITY on Tokbox, Cherise who is not at her computer, Sara who looks a little Blair Witch project-ish in this shot. She had just finished having her eye up on the screen. I think that is Landileigh the blue eye!! Scott and his little girl Bella! Scott celebrated 29 years on Sunday when we chatted! CALpumper She shall remain nameless because she was all blurred out and looked like a 20/20 victim! Jaimie who had to keep her mic off or everyone else would hear the dreaded echo/screech. She just looked pretty and typed what she wanted to say! Brenda who at one point had split personalities! She was on there twice! Tim? Oh goodness I don't know! And Jenny! Who sadly noone could hear so she left :(

I'd say it was better than the first time, it should be a requirement that everyone has headphones. Without them you get echo of death.

I'm not sure what was going on with the weird delay we had going on this time but it was FUNNY! Kelly could only hear what happened 5 minutes ago, so she would respond to things being said long after they were said. I was cracking up! At one point she said "ok now I'm saying hi to a dog that is no longer on the screen!" We had all seen Georges dog 5 minutes before. Oh man was it funny.

I really like chatting with other diabetics, it is even though we don't really talk that much about diabetes I like it that way. :) Except for the blood sugar challange. Whoever has the lowest blood sugar wins! They don't win anything except a WOOHOOYOUWIN!! I think I almost won that time at 83mg/dL. I feel like someone else was 81.

I hope we can get everything figured out so we can actually have a nice chat soon!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Who in their right mind would quit their job in T.E.? (This economy)

Oh right. That would be me.

Today I quit my job. I'm so happy. Well today I put my 2 weeks notice in to my job. My last day will be May 1st.

I love my job, and I love what I do, but opportunities arose that I had to take.

I will be starting nursing school in August so I was planning on quitting my job then. Then I realized how much I did NOT want to spend yet another summer in an office.

I have been working full time 40hr weeks since I was 19. It was only part time before that. I have spent each of those summers inside a CVS, a daycare, and most recently an office drawing blood.

While I was developing pictures, changing diapers and drawing blood everyone else my age was enjoying their summers off from school, maybe working a little bit.

This summer I will be having fun. I was offered a position to nanny for kids that my baby sister goes to school with. They are such good kids and I am so excited. I will be OUTSIDE!! Not looking out a window!

The only problem is that I will not have health insurance until I start school and can get back on my parents. I think I have that taken care of, but I would never say no if you offered to send me an extra vial of insulin. :)

This summer I plan to take a few vacations. I plan to relax. To lay out and FINALLY get a tan. I have not had a tan in YEARS!! This summer I plan to be 22!

Today it has been 2 months since I quit smoking! Sometimes I can't believe I actually quit, and others I can't believe I actually smoked! It is sooooo nasty. Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th

Happy birthday fajer!!

Today is my Dads 48th 30th birthday!!

I wrote this for him last year. :)

I love that dude.

Today also happens to be tax day. I hope you are not just now realizing that. If so, HURRY. The titanic sunk today in 1912. AND it is Leonardo de Vinci's birthday. Or was anyway.

You are now a far better person for knowing those useless facts. Except for maybe that its tax day. That is not so useless.

Have a good April 15th everyone. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

We send line specialist.

Updated at 5:34pm. I am on my couch! At home! With INTERNET!! I'm so happy. :) I hope everyone had a great Easter yesterday. I had a wonderful Easter!

I actually woke up and made it to church! That made me extremely happy. It felt really good to be a church. (Except the infant triplets seated behind me that made me WANT A BABY! They slept the entire mass!) There are a few things going on in my life right now that I cannot talk about, mainly because they have to do with my job, but I really feel like I will be taken care of. I have made some decisions, and I'm excited to see where life is going to take me now. :)

I will of course tell all when the time is right. Soon hopefully!!!

Anyway, I would love to post my pictures from Easter. I love holidays. LOVE THEM. No matter what they are! Oh but I can't post the pictures I want. Why you ask? AT&T. UHHH.

I do not like AT&T. I'm not sure why I decided that getting Internet through them would be different? One thing that bothers me is that you can NEVER get ahold of a real live person.

Then when you do get a person, they are basically just like the automated person because they just say what they are programmed to say. Each time I called I was in tears within 5 minutes. (I cry when I'm overwhelmed.) (Shoot, I cry when I'm any emotion!) I could no longer listen to the man tell me he was going to get a line specialist out to my house over and over and over again. I told him repeatably that I would be at work on Monday from 8-4:30. He said someone would be out between 8-5 and I had to be there. So what did I do? I became repeatitive!

He then told me I did not have to be home. Sweet. This all happened on Thursday. Friday comes and I get an automated message saying that my appt for the line specialist to come look outside my apartment has been cancelled. Cue tears. I cried to an answering machine.

Oh but wait!!! At around noon today I got a call because the line specialist was at my apartment!! and there was no one there!! DUHH.

12thousand transferred calls and faxes later the line specialist got in my apartment and hooked up my Internet. Or at least I hope that is what happened. I have not been home yet. I hope my kitties are still inside!!

I get off work in 15 minutes. Please please please let there be Internet. I may have a meltdown if I have to talk to AT&T now.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I started writing this with a TOTALLY different post in mind

The other day I typed diabetes in the Youtube search bar. Just curious as to what would pop up. I was expecting the DIABEETUSS commercial with Wilford Brimley to come up.
Ohh it did. So did a bunch of parody's about those commercials. TOO FUNNY!! Watch them. Oh and watch this one. This dude cracked me up too! You will enjoy.

Anyway SOO not the point here. There are also some really depressing/weird slide show thingys. You know the kind, the ones with the Sarah McLaughlin music behind that makes you sad before the pictures even start.

I'm not sure why parents made these slide shows, they want to be sad about diabetes? Every single one that I watched talked about how normal this child's life was before diabetes, then their whole entire lives were SHATTERED by the diagnosis. And now it is so terrible to deal with this disease.

Now I am not a Parent of a diabetic, but I'm a diabetic. I was diagnosed at 14 and from day 1 I was told not to make diabetes my life, but to make diabetes fit in to my life.

Sure there was that lovely period of time where I neither made diabetes my life nor fit in to my life. Other than that, I have never let my diabetes bring my entire life down. It sucks. It does, but to me it is not the end of the world. Yea I want a cure. I hate this disease, and would LOVE not to have it.

Each and every slide show I watched the family acted as if the child had some sort of bomb attached to their back just waiting to go off any second and the kid would die. They all acted as if diabetes ruled their lives.

Now maybe it was just for YouTube-ie purposes. Maybe they wanted people to feel bad for them for a second. I can understand wanting a little empathy.

I just really hope those family's learn how to fit diabetes in to their lives.

Instead of being run by it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pumps Vs MDI. Which costs more?

I read somewhere about people having to stop using their insulin pumps and go back to shots because of money issues. I cannot remember where I saw it, but I really would link there if I did!

Anyway, that got me thinking. I have mentioned before that I am NOT rich. That's slightly an understatement. I'm pretty poor. I do fine. I manage. I pay all my bills, I can afford to buy new things once in awhile, and I always have food on my table. And I have all my meds. I take help where ever I can get it, my Mom and Grandma have been paying for my Quick Sets and Reservoirs for the past year now. I cannot thank them enough. My dad will help pay for any meds that I need. I don't like that I need help, but I love that I have people in my life to help me.

I'm one expensive girl.

I've been saying that for awhile. Since I got on my own insurance and realized just HOW expensive I was. My dad and I have written up budgets for me, and no matter what we do I always cost more than I make.

Anyway that is not the point of this post. As I was thinking about how an insulin pump is more expensive than MDI I realized that is not the case for me.

Yes all the stuff for the pump is more expensive than just a syringe and insulin, but for me it would still be more expensive.

Why? Because, when I was on MDI I was not healthy. It was HARD to control my diabetes with Lantus and Humalog. I do not even like to think what would have happened had I not gone on the pump at the time that I did.

I was in the hospital for DKA or infection about every 6 weeks like clock work. Those hospital stays were not cheap. I was admitted every single time and usually spent about a week each time. My hospital bills AFTER insurance came to around $3000.

$3000 every month and a half is way more than I am paying now.

So for me, going off of the Insulin pump would be more expensive, and much much more detrimental to my health.

You may read this and think that if I just took better care of myself when I was on MDI then I could have stayed out of the hospital. And honestly, I couldn't. I will go in to more detail about that later. Its alot to talk about. And not easy.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Tonight this little girl that I have been babysitting for 3 years now was standing right next to me when I was taking my insulin.

"What is that Jenny?" She asked

"Its my pump." I did not go into much detail, knowing that she wouldn't understand even if I did. She is only 4.

"Wow. That is a really great pump. The best pump."

Yes it is baby, yes it is.