Friday, November 6, 2009

Pictures becaue I am a slackerMcSlackerPants

Have you seen this error message before? I have seen it before when I have left my meter in my car overnight on a cold night. But never because it was too HOT!! While on the boat this summer my meter just got too hot!

This is a scene from a middle of the night low. This picture was taken 4:54am sometime this summer.
I went back up to my bed and look who was taking up the warm spot where my low body had been. lol.
OK so remember the great Lot 8 Fiasco of 2009? Yea that was fun. Well when I got my first batch of non lot 8's they were SUPER sticky. And each time I would insert them they would stick to my serter. For the rest of this box I had to manually insert them. Or else they did this!
Beware there is blood coming up. This picture I didn't realize that I was ALMOST out of insulin and I was at my sisters school for this presentation and its started bleepbleeppBEEEP-ing at me! I silenced it and took an injection with a syringe to cover me until I got home. I didn't disconnect for whatever reason, and when I got in my car to change it the blood had backed up like this! Crazy looking. It reminded me of an IV when its occluded.

But then when I was all reconnected and stuff I tested and I was 124! That was pretty amazing considering I ate a bagel for breakfast and didn't get the complete bolus for it.

Alright I'm off to bed! Night!


Wyldceltic1 said...

Yeppers, all very familiar, except the 'serter. That thing and I don't work well together.

LOVE the kitty on your bed shot. I see this with my canines every night. Just BABIES!! We gotta love 'em!

Such fun being 'borg', huh?

Aieraelyn said...

I had to give up on a bayer meter because of the temp error message, on my wedding day of all things. Like I needed something to go wrong. Luckily my mother in law has the d and I was able to borrow her meter when I needed it. I sometimes get the insertion thing sticking with my cleo's. Haven't had the blood thing, and the low looks familiar, only I've been snacking on nutella for lows lately.

phonelady said...

oh yes I have left a meter on the patio table at a restaraunt and have to go bonkers on me cause it got too hot . hello I currently reside in florida and no wonder it got too hot .lol.