Sunday, November 30, 2008

Part IV: I'm not dying, just living differently

Part 1 here
Part 2 here
Part 3 here

When we left off my Mom and I were sitting in the garage crying. I thought I was dying. My Mom got off the phone with the doctors, and told me that I was not going to die. Although she had no idea what was in store for my future. I do not even remember much from that day. Or the next few days for that matter. It is all one big blur.

We had to go get my blood drawn right then. I had only had my blood drawn once before that. When I was five and my hair was falling out, I remember that like it was yesterday! We went to Methodist lab to get my blood drawn, and I was in and out. My blood sugar was over 500. I don't remember exactly what it was, I don't know if I was ever told.

My doctor told me to just go home and go on as normal that night. WHAT? She said that since my Mom had the baby and Katy at home that it would be better if I didn't go to the hospital. As we all look back on that it was the worst thing she could have done. We were all so lost. I was not on any insulin that night. I can't even tell you if I slept that night. I cried. Someone mentioned insulin and shots to me. But I think I was just thinking I would get some shots and get all better. Little did I know.

The next day we got squeezed in with one of the number one Pediatric Endocrinologists in Indy. He SUCKED. I saw him for about 4 minutes that day, and at every other appointment until I got a new doctor. His nurse was great though, she was also a Type 1, she showed me how to prick myself, and how to draw up a shot and give it.

I did not prick my fingertip, I pricked my arm. They said it was better for me, in the end of that summer my arms were so scarred up that I switched to my fingertips, it was SO much better.

I still did not know the magnitude of what my diagnosis was. I was so confused. I saw so many doctors on that one Friday that I do not even remember much of what they said. They told me that my blood sugar was really high and what they wanted my sugars to be, but they didn't want them to just shoot right down, because it took so long to get up that high that I would feel really crappy if they just shot right down to normal.

I was still in my 'honeymoon' period, and was put on 2 units of Humalog 75/25 twice a day. I was told not to test my blood sugar that much because they would stay pretty high throughout the weekend. I was to return to the doctor on Monday. That was a terrible weekend. I felt NO better.

I went back to the doctor on Monday and not much changed. I was still taking just a tiny bit of insulin. It was confirmed that I was indeed Type 1. I returned back to school the following week. Everyone was asking questions. Questions that I did not have enough info to answer. I got my first low that week at school. I had no idea what was going on! I had been told what a low felt like but I had not had one yet. My low was 70, I got to eat some lifesavers at school and had to sit in the nurses office FOREVER. Then my insulin was lowered, I was put on 1 unit twice a day. (seems like just drops now!)

I missed a TON of school in the end of that year, but I still passed. That summer was CRAZY. I was low so much. I was soon lowered to half of a unit 2 times a day. I would walk to my friends house and get low. But I got through it. I had to.

My diabetes was pretty easy to manage for about a year. I was in my 'honeymoon' period for about a year. One day suddenly I had a super high blood sugar. They did not stop. My half of a unit was no longer covering me. Then my diabetes got hard. I started carb counting. I switched to Humalog. I was high and low. But once again I got through it. I had to.

I have had some very very hard times, but I get through each and every one of them.

Being diagnosed with diabetes and dealing with it day in and day out has been the single hardest thing to deal with. I keep a smile on my face and push forward each day, and pray for a cure. One day I will no longer be ridden with this. I pray for that day.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas pictures for reals!

The other day I mentioned that Katy and I took pictures for our Christmas cards. Well I finally got them to work.

It was REALLY difficult to get a good picture of both of us! These are the outtakes!

Carson was my test subject to get the lighting right.
He was getting really tired of it.
But he was a good sport! We were originally trying to get a picture
of all 4 of us.
This was the best we got.
Big. Fat. FAIL.
Cats flailing out of my arms.
Katy acting normal.

Somebody fart??
fake smiles!!!
What do I do when I don't know how
to pose anymore?
I iz not chokin jenny.
Opera singing?
No. I just had NO idea where to put my arm.
It kept looking awkward.
Would have been GREAT,
if I didn't make the
Spirit Fingers!
and creeper cat.
Cats entranced by laser.
I always feel sad when we play with that,
because its just a light:(

The end result was actually cute! I made a little collage because it was just TOO DAMN HARD to try to get the cats on our laps. More pics soon!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Holy. Crap.

*Updated:I wrote this post at around 9 this morning, and as I waiting for the picture to load, I fell asleep! Oh my. So I am now posting this at 5:15. ha!*

I have been awake since noon YESTERDAY. 21 hours now.
My brain is not working so well right now.
After we got home from Thanksgiving dinner we came home and watched some TV, then all of a sudden it was 1 in the morning.

Katy and I decided it would be better if we just did not sleep. We are not morning people, so getting 3 hours of sleep? We would not wake up. So we stayed awake. Oh. em. GE.

Was it crazy? YES. Were the people just as crazy as I thought they would be? YES. Did the cheeriness of the workers freak me out a little and wonder where there stash of cocaine was? OH YES. Was it fun? Yes! Did I save enough money to be worth it? Yessir.

Katy and I looked super sexy. Remember NO sleep. NONE.
black pants, black shirt, ready to rob a bank? or um
shop on black friday?
Totally ready for the money, er um deals
This is the look you get after NO SLEEP.
BAHHAHhah. Slap happy at this point.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for?

On Thanksgiving naturally we all think and talk about what we are thankful for in life.

At our house we go around the table each saying one thing that we are thankful for.

I'm thankful for many many things.

I'm thankful for my family.
My strong Mother, who has given me more than I could have ever asked for. Not only did she bring me into this world but she has been right next to me every step of the way. I wouldn't trade her for anything.*
My courageous Dad, that even when stuck with more than he can handle at times, can still seem to pull it all off with a grace that I cannot.
My sisters, Katy and Maddy that give me reasons to smile each day.
My Grandmas, Macca and Ali, who have inspired me to become Strong independent woman.
My Aunt JuJu, my first best friend.

I'm thankful for my insulin pump, for making my diabetes more manageable and helping me feel better and live a longer healthier life.

For my automatic car starter, and it making me warm in the morning, it puts me in a little better mood each morning.
For having a roof over my head and a car to drive.
I'm thankful that I live in a day where I have the opportunities that are available to me today.

Right now I am thankful that the damn turkey popper finally freaking popped! We were beggining to think it was a faulty popper thing!

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm going to eat now!

My blood sugar is 148, hopefully it will stay that way!

*Even if the crazy woman is playing Lady Marmalade while cooking our Thanksgiving dinner.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas pictures

Well my internet connection hates me right now.

I have been trying to upload pictures of Katy and I for our Christmas pictures for about an hour now.

FAIL. boo.

Its funny. I swear. I am going to keep trying but if I don't post this in 15 minutes I will fail NaBloPoMo.

And I cannot fail.

I'll keep trying!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We have had a little change of plans in our Thanksgiving plans this year.

Well actually its a big one.

Normally we go to my Dad's for Thanksgiving, every year since the divorce Thanksgiving is his, and Christmas is my Mom's. A few days before Thanksgiving is when Katy, Maddy and I met our then future step-family. So we celebrate that the night before with sushi. Also to let Mary get some peace preparing for the next day. I love spending this holiday with my Dad and step-fam.

But life happens. And unfortunately so does death. My Step-Mom's Dad passed away yesterday.

He was in his Mid 80's or so, and had an Aortic aneurysm. He has had it for awhile and it was inoperable. Everyone knew that that was what was going to take his life, but it was a matter of time before it ruptured. Yesterday was that day.

It took his life in just a few short minutes. Thats how those things work. Everyone (me included) is so thankful that when it did rupture he was with his family at breakfast. He was gone before the EMT's even got to him.

Needless to say my Dad and Step-family will be going out to Arizona for his funeral. I am not sure when they are leaving (or if they are even still here) but I do know we will not be spending Thanksgiving together.

This will be the first of my 21 Thanksgivings that I will not spend with my Dad. It is sad.

The holidays are about family, and I am very thankful that my Step-Mom gets spend it with her family out in Arizona, celebrating the life of William Carason.

I will spend my holiday with my Mom, sisters and my Grandma. It will be small. It will be fun. It will be relaxing.

It will also be the first Thanksgiving that I will have spent with my Mom in 7 years.

I have my family. For that I am thankful.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Part III: Not a bladder infection.

Part 1 here
Part 2 here

My Mom had just made a doctor appointment for the next day when we left off. I was so excited to go to the doctor and get on some antibiotics for my 'bladder infection.' Which I was so convinced it was. I just wanted to stop feeling like crap.

It was a Thursday which meant out classes were an hour and a half long. My appointment would be during 7th period, Health. Ironic?

During our block days (1.5 hour class days) we got breaks and we could get drinks and snacks out of the snack machines. I remember this SO vividly because I was SO excited to be able to get a drink and bring it back to class, (normally no drinks were allowed.) I got a Sprite.

That Sprite was the last thing I put in my body without counting carbs and taking insulin for. I had no idea.

My mom picked me up from school without Maddy or Katy. My Dad was at home, and Katy was not yet off school. This was ODD. Maddy went everywhere with my Mom, and my Dad usually never offered to watch her, because he worked from home and was always busy working. I was happy though. I wonder if she did that on purpose? If she was worried.

I do not remember much from the actual office visit. I was just chatting with my Mom. I know they asked me a bunch of questions. I told them about the peeing and thirsty, and also about my blurry vision that started the day before. They asked me to give a urine sample. NOT A PROBLEM!!

I remember being seated in the waiting room after I gave the sample. Waiting. The nurse came out to talk to us. She looked so shocked, so worried. She told my Mom that they had something to tell us but they could not do it just yet and that we could go home and they would call us or we could wait for them to tell us then.

My Mom needed to get home to Maddy and Katy, and she asked if it would be OK to just go home. I remember her saying that we could stay if we HAD to but she really needed to get home.

So we left to go home. Knowing NOTHING.

We pulled up to the house and hopped out of the van. We had not even made it in the house and the phone rang. My Mom answered the phone that we had in the garage. I had just grabbed my Rollerblades because I was about to go to Smittys.

My Mom started bawling. She was crying so hard. I had no idea why. She told me it was the doctor. I started crying. I did not even know what the doctor was saying, but my Mom was crying so I knew it was not good. And defiantly not a bladder infection.

At some point sitting on the garage steps in my Moms arms she said Diabetes.

All I heard was DIE. I thought I was dying.

Part IV coming soon. Sneak peak:Doctors, shots, pricks, diets??

Sunday, November 23, 2008

making presents!!

Oh I love christmas! I love everything about it!

The food, the smells, the decorations, the love and I LOVE giving presents.

I put a ton of thought into each gift that I give.

Right now I am making 5 gifts for my family!

Wish me luck!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Poor hoosiers.

We all went to the IU Purdue game today.


It was so cold that I lost feeling in my fingers and that felt good!

Oh the game. Terrible. Final score 62-10. I don't even know what word I could use to describe that. To say that Purdue murdered IU sounds sort of like an understatement.

All in all we had a great time. I ended up sitting in my car with the heat cranked up to thaw out.

Poor hoosiers. :(

Friday, November 21, 2008

Plungers in the sink. Ew. nuff said.

I'm not sure if this is common knowledge or not, but I was completely unaware that putting spaghetti in the garbage disposal would clog it.

Yeaa. Found out the hard way NOT to do that.

I was cleaning out the fridge and saw some spaghetti that we made like a week and a half ago and decided to throw it out.

I actually had the thought to just throw it in the trash because the trash was right next to me. However since we recycle we don't empty our trash that much and I did not want it to start smelling. So I dumped the ENTIRE thing in the sink. Then I stuffed it down the hole with a fork. WITH the cold water on, WITH the disposal on.

Bad plan. Veeery bad plan. I read that when you put spaghetti down the disposal with the cold water on the starch does something and clogs all up. Usually needing a repair man to fix it.

bleh. I had already called Emergency Maintenance about 6 times at this point in the week to fix my damn heat that won't work. Don't really get me started on that. So. Mad. So I did what any other single girl would do.

I called my Dad. :) He was not very optimistic. He laughed at me. And then told me to try to plunge it. Eh. Plunge it. Like with the plunger. From the bathroom. That plunges POOP. ewewew.

I was way too mortified to call the maintenance men so I decided to give it a try.

Something splashed me on the face. And got on my lip. I told myself it was totally super clean water. Defiantly NOT gross spewed up water that has toilet paper floating around in it from the plunger. NOPE. Defiantly NOT.

It looked like I was not getting anywhere. Then I just decided to turn on the disposal again, and it all went down! EEE!!!! I was SO happy! I'm not sure how I did it. I just plunged the shit out of it. But hey, It worked.

Gloves, Sink, Nasty plunger. No longer Clogged. Yea me. :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Part II: Can't stop peeing!!

Part 1 here.

When part 1 ended I just told my Mom how thirsty I was. It was early 2001 at this point. I was un-quenchably thirsty. The first time that I told her how thirsty I was she said, 'You have always been a thirsty girl, you are probably just growing and needing more water.'

So I let it go. For a little bit at least.

It was almost spring of 2001 now. Maddy had just turned 2. Our house was on the market, and although we were all still living in the same house, my parents were officially divorced. We were just waiting to sell the house to go our separate ways.

Suddenly I became very aware of how often I was going to the bathroom.

My entire life I have gone to the bathroom during the night. Not every night, but most nights I would get up once to go. Now I was getting up 3-4 times in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and chug some water.

I once again told my Mom. I told her how much I was going to the bathroom. Her response this time 'Oh Jenny, you are just being a hypochondriac. Stop worrying about all of this, you just don't want to go to school.'

I let it go.

It was now spring of 2001. I was going to the bathroom once an hour. EVERY hour. It was so annoying. At my junior high our classes were 45 minutes long Monday-Wednesday and an hour and a half long on Thursdays and Fridays. During my 45 minute classes I was leaving to go to the bathroom each period, and usually during passing periods also. On Thursdays and Fridays when we had our long classes I was going twice. I felt like I was always in the bathroom. I remember so vividly I would go to the bathroom and then just stand over the water fountain drinking until my mouth was so cold I couldn't swallow. Then I would run back to the class so no one would think I was weird for going to the bathroom so much.

Do you know how embarrassing it is for a 14 year old girl to go pee so much during school? Its terrible. Everyone noticed. People would ask what I was really doing when I said I needed to go to the bathroom. I had teachers tell me no when I asked to go. I remember laying my head on my desk and crying, wishing I was not so damn thirsty, and didn't have to go to the bathroom so much.

At this point I was telling my parents every day how thirsty I was. I was not really telling them, I was just sorta saying 'Man am I thirsty' and 'Gotta go to the bathroom again!' things like that. They didn't do anything. I was so tired. SOO tired.

I will never forget this day. It is burned in my mind. I can still feel the exact feelings.

My whole family has glasses, I never did. I had perfect vision. Then suddenly one day I was in English class with Mrs. Smith (who I did NOT like, and did NOT like me) and I was chosen to read a passage in the literature book, so I looked down at my book on my desk and started reading. Or tried to read. My eyes could not focus on the words. Everything was blurry. I squinted my eyes, and pulled the book far away from my face and then really close to my face. It did not help. I struggled through that passage. Then I asked to go to the bathroom and I cried. I was so scared. I had perfect vision. Why could I suddenly not see anything? I was so confused.

That afternoon I was meeting Smitty at our normal meeting spot at the end of the day. She would come around this corner while I waited by these doors and we would get on the bus. I was looking down the hallway for her and she came around the corner and I didn't know if it was her. I could not see her, she was too blurry. I squinted and tried to focus on her, and finally I was able to tell it was her. She asked why I was giving her that weird look. I told her that I couldn't see very well. Then I told her everything. About how much I was peeing, and how I couldn't get my thirst quenched. I remember her telling me that it was probably a bladder infection. And that all I needed to do was go to the doctor and get on antibiotics. For some reason that seemed exactly right! That is why I was peeing so much! (um no?)

When I got home that afternoon I told my Mom about the blurry vision. It was now May. I had been feeling like this for over 6 months now. I think that when my vision became blurry it scared my Mom. That or she was just so fed up with me complaining that she decided to take me to the doctor.

She called the doctor the next day. My appointment was that day, Thursday May 17th 2001 at 2:30.

Part III coming soon. Sneak peak: dying??

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cutest sailor I know!

My baby sister called me yesterday just as I left work asking if I could come to her little play thing at school.

I love going and watching her do anything like that, so I told her I'd be there!

I'm pretty sure that she is in a Thertre class and they made up these little plays and them performed them for us. They were SOOO funny. And kind of painful. For us.

Maddy was amazing. Obviously. hah. She was the capatain of some ship, and something to do with Frankenstein, and Igor, and a squid and Frankenlady and Frakenstein.

Honestly I have NO clue what it was about.

The kids were talking about thisss quiet, and I was kind of far back.

Then one little boy peed his pants and didn't know that he did. Oh man, I don't know why when shit like that happens I feel so bad for the kid. I couldn't even look at him, I was so sad for him. I have no idea why his mother didn't run backstage and get him. poor boy. :(

Anyway the sailor/captain was cute!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Diagnosis Part I: Background

I have decided to post my story on getting diagnosed with diabetes. I feel it is an important part of my life and in reading a bunch of diabetes blogs, all of them are different!

I have written this story many times for papers in school over the years. It was an easy A! I am excited to finally write my story from my perspective, not in a way just to please teachers.

I guess I should start from the beginning. On December 15th 1986 my parents (who were SO young!) welcomed their first child. Me! I was the first grandchild on my Dad's side, and only the second on my Mom's. Also read: Spoiled. Ha.

I was a wild child. Or so I am told. Heh. I think everyone realizes now that it was my ADHD. My parents said I rarely slept, and was always running around. Hard to believe right?

2 and a half years after I was born, in August of 89' my little sister was born. My parents were so worried she was going to be another wild girl. They were pleasantly surprised. Katy, the mellow one.

I was a sick kid. Not ever to the point of hospitalization, but I was constantly on antibiotics. I was diagnosed with Asthma when I was very young. I battled ear infections and Strep throat almost monthly. I was also diagnosed with ADHD and depression, and medicated for them in 1996.

When I was 12 years old in February of 99' my baby sister Maddy was born. When I look back at the days before she was born they seem dark, and very dull. It seems like everyday after my sister was born has been a brighter day. That girl is the light of many peoples lives.

On December 24th 1999 my Mom told me that her and my Dad were separating. And this my friends is a whole other story for another time.

In the fall of 2000 I started the 8th grade. My parents were still married and we were all still living in the same house. I had a best friend who we will call Smitty. Smitty lived down the street from me and we spent every day together. One of our favorite things to do was Rollerblade around the neighborhood. (or you know fall around the neighborhood. hah)

I was in every way a 'normal' teenage girl. In December I turned 14. It was around this time, if I can remember correctly, that things began to go downhill. I became thirsty.

It was not extreme thirsty-ness but I remember realizing how thirsty I was at this point. I soon became so thirsty and even after drinking a TON of water I would not be satisfied. My teeth would be so cold and I didn't want to drink anymore but I was not satisfied.

In early 2001 I told my Mom how thirsty I was...

Part II coming soon. Sneak peak: My mother uses the word Hypochondriac...

Monday, November 17, 2008

If one more person tells me how close my birthday is

They may possibly see the full extent of my Passive-Aggressive-ness. (hyphen much?)

Its not that I think 22 is that old, except well I do. Every birthday prior to this I have been SO excited. Especially last year. I was 21! I could finally have my first drink! Ok, so I could finally have my first LEGAL drink. Who am I kidding.

Anyway, now I am going to be 22. Eh. Not. Exciting.

I also strongly dislike my birthday because of its location, on the calendar. It sucks. My birthday is December 15th. 10 days before Christmas, which sooo does NOT mean double the presents. It just means I get one present with Happy birthday! Merry Christmas! Written on the card. Oh well. I'm not bitter. Nope not at all.

The other terrible thing about my Birthday is the weather. I'm in Indiana. In the Winter. Translation: One of the following, Snow, Freezing Rain, Ice, Black Ice, SNOWSTORM, and always COLD. It is always one of those, and most likely a combination of them. Which is SO not fun. Last year, on my 21st birthday, it was so damn cold and terrible. They closed down the interstates and a bunch of roads because they were too dangerous to drive on. My mother made my sister come pick us up from the bars because she was so scared. Not the greatest 21st.

BUT, my wonderful sister did something very very sweet this summer. She threw me a 21 1/2 birthday party. It was fun. :) Our Mom used to celebrate our half birthdays when we were kids. She would bake half of a cake and do small little things on the day. Nothing huge but it was amazing because it was SUMMER, and HOT on June 15. My 21 1/2 birthday was the best!

Lady Liberty Crown and Pinata courersy of
Katy's mad party planning skills.

The pinata. Held up by none other than a
Hurcles Hook. Mah fav.

The stink eye. He gets it.

Holy Crap! I'm 21 1/2!!!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Awesome win with the for the Colts just now!!

On the subject of the Colts, I have a CREEPY picture for you.

This horribly scary/creepy/UGLY thing has been in stores for a long time now.

And I think it is creepy as hell. I have never seen one person buy it. Nor have I ever seen anyone own it.

I'm sure some die-hard colts fans have them along with every other Colts paraphernalia that is available at gas stations. hah.

Wouldn't you much rather buy this cute little guy! :) I would. Not Mr. Creepy colt who looks like he was just asphyxiated and his eyes are going to pop out. No. Ew.

I'm just saying...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday.. Meme.

I decided to 'steal' this Meme from Slackermama because it is Saturday, and I am too lazy to think about typing! Also Carson is going to kill me if we don't go and play Xbox like NOW.

A is for age: I will be 22 in a month from today. UHGHG.

B is for burger of choice: My dad's. yummmm. I LOVE his burgers. He always 'burns' one for me because I like mine well done and everyone else likes theirs still Moo-ing. I gave up fast food for a year back in February, so I can't say which fast food burger is my favorite. But it would probably be Steak'n'Shake.

C is for the car I drive: 2001 Ford Taurus. Don't even get me started on the hatred I have for this car. I got it back yesterday. $1400 later.

D is for your dog’s name: I don't personally have a dog, but I have 2 cats! Maggie and Ticky. I lurvee them. :)

E is for essential item you use every day: Oh my. I use a lot of essential items everyday. But the first thing that popped in my head was my Flat Iron. Oh boy you do NOT want to see my hair without it. I'm the typical curly-haired girl who wants straight hair!

F is for favorite TV show at the moment: I have SO many favorite TV shows. My DVR is probably going to combust from working too hard. I'm going to say Greys Anatomy. Ohh or House. I want House to be my doctor. He is soo delicious. I'm also severely depressed that Pushing Daisies is getting cancelled. :(

G is for favorite game: You mean favorite drinking game? Of course you do! I like to play Kings. I would play board games all day if someone would play with me!

H is for home state: Indiana. I've also lived in Michigan, but I've spent most of my life in the same area of Indiana!

I is for instruments you play: Um. None. I played the piano as a kid, and I can still play Heart and Soul and Titanic...although my family would rather I not.

J is for favorite juice: Juice. Well being Diabetic I only drink juice when I have a low blood sugar, and I usually drink Cherry Juicy Juice. Thats one of the only juices that when I am really low I can drink even when I feel like I am going to get sick. I cannot remember the last time I drank Juice for pleasure, I know it was before diagnosis, but I don't remember it. I used to love apple juice though!

K is for whose bum you’d like to kick: Nobodys! eh I'll take that back, I'd like to kick the butts of all the bill collectors who keep calling me!!

L is for last restaurant at which you ate: Logans Road House! I went there last night with my Dad and baby Sister! Yummmm.

M is for your favorite Muppet: I cannot really remember all the muppets! I loved Miss. Piggy, I used to love all of her songs!! My mom would sing them over and over when we were kids. Except she never gets the words right. EVER.

N is for number of piercings: 5 'odd' piercings. I have my tongue, nose, belly button, the back of my neck and my cartilage. I also have my ears 4 times on one side and 3 on the other. I wear jewelry in all 5 of my 'odd' piercings, but I only wear my first and sometimes second holes in my ears. The other day a patient saw the piercing in the back of my neck and called me a massicast. FREAKY. (I'm defiantly not a massicast.)

O is for overnight hospital stays: Ohh man. There is no way I could count. I have been hospitalized way too many times for being in DKA. (ketoacidosis) I would have to go to St. Vincents hospital to check my records for how many times its been! I have also been hospitalized for other things too, probably bringing the total amount of TIMES, not days, to around 20. NOT PROUD OF THAT. I can proudly say that since becoming a Pumper, I have only been hospitalized once!! woohoO!

P is for people you were with today: Well, Carson, Katy, Maddy, Dad, and Chris. Oh and the Emergency Maintenance guy who came to fix my heat this morning. That was fun. Not.

Q is for what you do with your quiet time: I usually read, do crosswords, SLEEP, get on the computer or catch up on my DVR'd shows! I just like relaxing when I have nothing to do!

R is for biggest regret: I do not have any regrets. I have done many things that I am not proud of, but I am a believer that if you regret, all you are doing is spending wasted energy on trying to change something that can't change! So I chose to just let it go!

S is for status: Status of what? I'm about to go home, and play X-box with Carson. He is very excited that I want to!

T is for time you woke up today: Um, I woke up for good at 11:00. I love sleeping in! I have nothing to do today! :)

U is for what you consider unique about yourself: I don't know what some people would consider 'unique' but I have a few things that are surprising to some people! I am 1/4 Mexican, my grandfather is a full Mexican, making my Dad half and me and my sisters one forth! We all have blond hair, and my other sisters have blue eyes. I have hazel eyes, and I am very short! Something else interesting, I have 2 younger sisters, one is 2 1/2 years younger than me, the other is 12 years younger. All three of us have both of the same parents!

V is for vegetable you love: I love mostly all vegetables! I love brussel sprouts, asparagus, green beans, corn, broccoli, olive I love all of them! I do not like radish's, Beets or cauliflower. I'm sure there is more I do not like, just can't think of them since I don't eat them! I am very particular about how the vegetable is cooked though! I will NOT eat cooked carrots or broccoli but I'll eat them raw! I also love frozen peas!

W is for worst habit: Eh. Smoking. For sure. I hate that I do. Also I figit with my hands A LOT. That would be thanks to my anxiety.

X is for X-Rays you have had: Again too many to count. Countless? Is that an answer?

Y is for yummy food you ate today: My bagel and hash browns. :) Yumm

Z is for zodiac: Sagittarius.

Off to 'game out' with Carson!

Friday, November 14, 2008

World Diabetes day.

Today is World Diabetes day.

Honestly, I'm not really sure what it means. I went to the website, and it seems like they are raising awareness about diabetes in children and adolescents. sweeett.

Anyway, in honor of World Diabetes day, I am going to give a run-through of my day as a Pumping diabetic.

6:45am-Wake up feeling SUPER tired still, probably a little high. I went to bed a little high last night, so I test right when I get up. Result:273. Correction bolus for the high.
7:00am-Take my pill. Get pump supplies together because I know it will be empty but I have NO time to do it now!
7:40am-Leave for work.
8:00am-Get to work. Recheck blood sugar for breakfast. Result:190. Eh not too bad. Eat breakfast of Yogurt and Granola. Bolus for Breakfast. Take more meds.
9:30am-Pump starts beeping like crazy. Out of insulin. Change site.
10:29am-Feeling Yucky. Low possibly? Test blood sugar. Result:82. Not low. But NOT going to stay like that until lunch. Eat 4 peanut butter crackers.
12:00pm-Lunch! Check blood sugar for lunch. Result:150. Pretty good. Bolus for Lunch of Small sandwich and 1 serving of Goldfish.
4:26pm-Almost time to leave work. I'm very shaky. And sweaty. UHH. Test blood sugar. Result: 70. Yea. I felt worse than that. Juice, peanut butter crackers and leave work!!
6:10pm-Dinner time! Test blood sugar for dinner. Result:212. Really? Bolus correction for high and for dinner of Chicken wrap from Bw3's and serving of fries.
7:29pm-Suddenly extremely tired and dizzy. Test blood sugar. Result 314. grrreeat.. not. Bolus correction for that. Drink LOTS of water.
9:14pm-Feeling low again. LOVELY. Test blood sugar. Result: 169. Not low. Nothing I can do. Except sit and feel crappy. Blood sugar must have dropped really quick from 314 to 169 that's why I feel crappy.
11:34pm-Bed. Finally. Test blood sugar. Result:158. Good sleepy Blood sugar for me! SLEEP!

I test my blood sugar a lot! :) I have only been pumping for 6 months and with just getting over an infection I don't quite have all the kinks worked out!

I pray that one day there will be a cure. That one day we will no longer have to deal with testing, bolusing, feeling like crap, or any of the other things that Diabetics deal with on a daily basis.

I pray that one day I will forget what it feels like to be low. That I will not remember what giving a shot feels like, or inserting a new quick-set feels like.

I pray that one day the scars on my fingers will heal and my fingers will no longer have to bleed.

That one day kids will learn about diabetes and think about it the way I think of Polio. A disease that nobody gets anymore.

But for now all we can do is pray. Pray for a CURE.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do they even still sell pagers??

I had a patient today notice my pump.

After she finally believed me that it was indeed NOT A PAGER she said:

"Hm? You WANTED to be on this? How can you wear that all the time? Doesn't it get annoying? Isn't it such a hassle? Wouldn't you rather just be on shots?"

Umm.. Really??? Of course I just went with the flow spitting out my usual responses. But then el Pumpie started beeping. NO DELIVERY. I was out of insulin. MORE questions. Oh well.

I changed my site at work. I woke up WAY too late to do it this morning! :)

Before: (Crop circle?)

After: (Happy!)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank God for huge purses

Being a diabetic comes with many many supplies. You should see my room. ha. Maybe not.

I have wondered many times what men with diabetes do to carry their supplies around. I don't know how I would ever function without my (huge) purse! Where do they put everything? In their pockets??
Some of my purse..

1. 3 log books*, my calendar, papers, receipts, and a bunch of random papers.


3.Antibiotic for my sinus infection


5.Vyvanse (ADHD med.)


7.My meter

8.Sugar-free yummy gum!

9.Tons of crap in this little pocket, batteries for my pump, lip gloss, extra test strips, change.. ect

Now if I were a guy I realize I would not have some of that crap, but still where do they put it? I could not even if I tried, fit all that in my pockets!!

*does anyone actually use these right when they test? I sure don't. I scramble right before my Dr. appts to write them all down. :) works for me!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today the mood is somber. Everything around me feels dreary. Everyone seems to feel it. Its cloudy out. Just to make it a little more depressing.

Today a family I know very well will bury their son.

Today we honor all of those who fought for for us in the Armed Services.

It's days like today when I wish my Grandpa was still living.

John Thomas Putnam was a Veteran. But not to me. To me he was my Grandpa.
I am lucky to have had 19 years with him, but I cannot help but wish it was more.

I am sitting here trying to think of which of the memories I want to write about. And trying to get this damn lump out of my throat. I cannot decide. I keep thinking that each one will not capture the essence of our relationship. I don't think that anything I will say will fully show you the love he had for everyone.

I could tell you about the Christmas I wanted this American Girl trunk that was the doll 'Addy's.' About how he handmade me one that is even better than the one in the magazine. It looks just like the 'real' thing, but with an inscription in it just for me.
I could tell you about how after I got diagnosed with diabetes he helped me feel not so alone. He showed me his shots, and I knew it wasn't so bad.
I could tell you so much more but it won't matter.
He is no longer here to show you.
That does not mean he is not here in everyones heart that he touched.

He is my Hero. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him. I hope to one day tell my kids all of the amazing things about their Great-Grandpa.

I just wish he could show them himself.

I know he would have wanted to.

Today take a second. Pray. Even if you are not praying to any specific God. Just pray. Someone will hear you. Pray for those who served in War. Pray for health. Pray for peace.

Just give thanks to be here. This life can end too soon, and its all you have.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Dear Kitties-

I love you both very very much. Your snuggly-ness, your constant purring, your drooling (?), I even love how you guys seem to sometimes have snorted a whole lot of cocaine.

But there is this one particular issue that needs to be addressed.

The litter box.

I do the best I can to keep it clean for you. And I thank you both for acutally using the litter box.

On that note the rug outside the litter box is not for pooping on. Its actually for me. Because when you guys poop in the litter box and turn around to cover your poop, you spray litter out of the box and into the hallway. So that rug is there so that when I walk by I don't have litter all over my feet. Because 7am+Me+Litter feet=superbitchyJenny.

Ohh sweet little Gato-faces, just because there is a few spec's of litter on the rug does NOT mean its ok to poop on. You still need to take 2 more steps into the actual box.

It is also completly unnesscary to try and cover up that poop, for it will still be visible unless you actually climb in the litter box start throwing litter on top of it. (see that, with the arrow? Those are my kitties paw marks trying to cover up her POOP. A+for effort i guess.)

I would appriciate it very much if you would just start going in the litter box. Come on now Jinxie could go on the toilet! I'm not asking that much am I??

Jenny (The one that feeds you. :) Yea I thought so)

P.S. Ticky, that bag in the litter box? Not for clawing for 10 minutes at 2 in the morning. Its so I can be lazy and not actually scoop poop. kthxbi.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Clumsy.. (not in the Fergie way)

I asked a couple people to describe me using one word. I got....

  • Funny
  • Outgoing
  • Emotional
  • Loud
  • Short
  • Involved

I'm sure a couple people would also say some other lovely (or not-so-lovely) words about me. But one word that NO ONE would ever use to describe me is Graceful.

Ever. At all. I'm not sure if I have ever done one graceful thing in my life. Unless you think swimming is graceful. But in order to watch me swim laps, you would first have to watch me dive in. Which is-well Un-graceful as hell.

I fall UP the stairs on a daily basis. I didn't actually know that was weird until people started laughing their asses off each time I would do it. I thought everyone tripped walking up the stairs. Its particularly bad if your hands are full.

I run into EVERYTHING! Corners of walls, desks, chairs, tables, everything! I usually say Ow! after I do it, even if it doesn't hurt. Its just a reaction. I run into things that have been in the same place forever. Like the wall???

I trip over my feet numerous times a day. Luckily though I have become so used to it that I no longer fall down. I just stumble a little bit.

I have scars all over my knees from when I was a kid. My best friend and I used to rollerblade everywhere. In other words I fell everwhere while wearing wheels on my feet. It was so bad that my mom forced me to wear knee pads. Not cool.

Oddly enough I have never broken a bone. EVER! I have bruised many bones, and had sprains, but never ever broken a bone!

(knocking on wood now)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cops must just not look twice in people in Mom cars

Here in Indy we have an interstate that goes around the whole city.
I-465. I drive on it ALOT. Everyone does.

It can be one of the most humerous situations when you drive on it.
One of the funniest things that goes on on 465 is the speeding.

The speed limit is 55. Whick is quite rediculous if you ask me, or anyone else who drives it for that matter.
Nobody ever goes 55. Nobody ever goes 65!

Most people are driving 80-85.
Today I was driving going about 68, and I was getting passed by everyone!
Next thing I know a cop drives right by me! Going MUCH faster than me!

That arrow is pointing to the cop about 30 seconds after he passed me!!

It is so funny to me that nobody ever drives the speed limit on 465. Ever!

Especially during the winter. Don't even get me started!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Its finally Friday!!!

Does anyone else feel like screaming that? This weekend can not come soon enough!

I went to the diabetes doctor today. My A1c is 8.7. Higher than in July, but I have been battling an infection for a month now which is elevating my blood sugars. She was happy though. As was I!

Katy made I Voted stickers for us since we didn't get any! hah.

The car place called about my car.

But its friday and I dont want to talk about it!

Trust me you will hear about it. Everyone I know has heard about it. hah.

Enjoy the beautiful Friday!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I jinxed myself.

I said I was going to be bored today.

I brought all this stuff to do to ward off boredom at work.

I said I was not going to have many patients today.


I was so busy. I'm just now leaving.

I promise it will be more fun tomorrow. NIGHT!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Hump Day!

I voted! It was great. Except we didn't get stickers. I know its stupid that we wanted them so badly but I wanted a sticker. Oh well. I voted. And I went to bed.

Here is just a couple pictures from my phone from Halloween. Katy was Alice from Alice in Wonderland and I was the Late bunny from Alice in Wonderland. Does he have a name?

Weirdest thing happened yesterday. The bank RIGHT by my dads house was robbed and they thought he ran and hid in the woods in my dads back yard. There were helicopters, SWAT team, K-9 units and tons of cops surrounding my dads house. The k-9's were searching right in his back yard! He was on lock down in his house for a little bit. Even freakier, my dad was in the shower and he heard one of the upstairs doors slam shut and when when he got out he saw all of that in is yard! He searched the house-with his guns!- to make sure no one was in there! He is safe now, but they haven't caught the guy yet!

I'm officially ready for this week to end. Like NOW. Please :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today's the day!!

When I get off work today I am going to a Korean church.

To vote for the first time!

I am SO excited. I am not a political person at ALL. (sorry!) However I am so excited to be able to be a part of this!

Around this time 8 years ago I was in the 8th grade. During history class my teacher asked the class how many of us have a birthday before November. She asked how many of us were already 14. I did not raise my hand. I would not be 14 until December. I remember having no idea where she was going with this lecture.

Then she said that everybody that turned 14 before November would be able to vote in the next Presidential Election.

I. Was. So. Pissed.

I'm not sure why I was so pissed. Other than the fact that I had to wait 8 whole years to vote, it really didn't affect me directly at that point in my life. I'm guessing part of it was because idea of waiting 8 years is kind of un-fathomable to a 13 year old.

So here I am. 8 whole years later. I am just as excited as I thought I would be!

I am very anxious to see who wins. I just read an article and it said that once voting ends in Gerogia, Indiana and Virginia we may have a little insight into who may win! I'm in Indiana! EEE!!!

I'm excited. Have I said that yet? Well I am.

Have fun waiting around for the results! I know I will! hah

Monday, November 3, 2008


I got money in an inter-office envelope today!


A whole whopping 50 cents!

A LONG time ago I had to give a patient change to make his payment even. I dug through my purse and found 50 cents. And forget about it.

Apparently my company has to keep everything kosher. Hah.

It made me chuckle. :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Still on track!

Well.. I've talked a little about wanting to be healthy. About loosing weight, testing my blood sugars, working out and quitting smoking. Its going pretty well. I've lost some more weight. :) And my HgbA1C has gone down, and I'm now on a pump! I test my blood sugar all the freaking time now.

First things first. My diabetes. I went on the Medtonic MiniMed Pump back in May. It has been the most AMAZING thing ever! I feel better (most of the time) and my blood sugars are so much better since starting it. My A1c for as long as I can really remember now has been 10.0-13.0. That's TERRIBLE. That means my blood sugars were mostly around 350-400 all the time. In July, after having been on the pump for only 2 months my A1c was down to 8.2! My doctor said that since A1c is a measure of your blood sugar over the last 3 months and it had only been 2 months that she assumed it was closer to 7.8-7.9! I go to the doctor again on Friday the 7th, I will find out if my A1c has dropped more! Fingers crossed!

This is me not talking about quitting smoking. NOPE not talking about it!! bahhh Quitting keeps somehow getting pushed to the back burner. wonder how?? hah. One day. One day I will quit.

Can you buy motivation on the Internet? How about the black market?? Because I could REALLY use some. I need to stop skipping working out. Eh. Again one day. hah.

This is the most recent half-way decent pic of my whole body -I'm GREAT at taking pics of just my face :)-next to me about a year ago. So you can see a little bit of the weight loss.
--Don't mind the faces or lovely hand gestures I am making in either picture. I was smiling in the first picture and Katy fell or something and I was trying not to laugh. NO clue about the other one. Drunk. Lets blame it on that. rrriigghtt--

I know I should have pics of Halloween, but I don't have a computer so these are scheduled posts until I can get to a computer! Tomorrow! I swear! You won't be disappointed!

Happy birthday Barbie!!!! love you!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


First off.. I'm participating in NoBloPoMo. AHH. I'm scared. haha. I'm a new blogger! Well I've already decided so I'm going to do it! So lets kick it off right!!

To make moneys I draw blood. Heh.

I have patients lovlingly refer to me as "The Vampire." After all, I do take your blood. So being as yesterday was halloween I bought some vampire teeth and decided to wear them to work.

MuhAHAH. Notice the Lab Coat

as Cape. :)

Happy Halloween!

This is my cweepyy Picture!

I'll post pictures of my actual halloween costume on monday!