Monday, November 24, 2008

Part III: Not a bladder infection.

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My Mom had just made a doctor appointment for the next day when we left off. I was so excited to go to the doctor and get on some antibiotics for my 'bladder infection.' Which I was so convinced it was. I just wanted to stop feeling like crap.

It was a Thursday which meant out classes were an hour and a half long. My appointment would be during 7th period, Health. Ironic?

During our block days (1.5 hour class days) we got breaks and we could get drinks and snacks out of the snack machines. I remember this SO vividly because I was SO excited to be able to get a drink and bring it back to class, (normally no drinks were allowed.) I got a Sprite.

That Sprite was the last thing I put in my body without counting carbs and taking insulin for. I had no idea.

My mom picked me up from school without Maddy or Katy. My Dad was at home, and Katy was not yet off school. This was ODD. Maddy went everywhere with my Mom, and my Dad usually never offered to watch her, because he worked from home and was always busy working. I was happy though. I wonder if she did that on purpose? If she was worried.

I do not remember much from the actual office visit. I was just chatting with my Mom. I know they asked me a bunch of questions. I told them about the peeing and thirsty, and also about my blurry vision that started the day before. They asked me to give a urine sample. NOT A PROBLEM!!

I remember being seated in the waiting room after I gave the sample. Waiting. The nurse came out to talk to us. She looked so shocked, so worried. She told my Mom that they had something to tell us but they could not do it just yet and that we could go home and they would call us or we could wait for them to tell us then.

My Mom needed to get home to Maddy and Katy, and she asked if it would be OK to just go home. I remember her saying that we could stay if we HAD to but she really needed to get home.

So we left to go home. Knowing NOTHING.

We pulled up to the house and hopped out of the van. We had not even made it in the house and the phone rang. My Mom answered the phone that we had in the garage. I had just grabbed my Rollerblades because I was about to go to Smittys.

My Mom started bawling. She was crying so hard. I had no idea why. She told me it was the doctor. I started crying. I did not even know what the doctor was saying, but my Mom was crying so I knew it was not good. And defiantly not a bladder infection.

At some point sitting on the garage steps in my Moms arms she said Diabetes.

All I heard was DIE. I thought I was dying.

Part IV coming soon. Sneak peak:Doctors, shots, pricks, diets??

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